Why join SCTA?

Together we share the goal of promoting choose and cut farms and Southern grown Christmas trees. Sharing ideas help us improve our operations and expand markets. Working cooperatively with the Extension Services of Louisiana State UniversityMississippi State University, and Auburn University, SCTA provides you with an excellent source of information about the real tree industry from planning the farm to sale.

Please feel free to contact any of our advertisers, directors, members, officers and partners for further information. SCTA believe in "Members Helping Members".
We encourage all who are considering planting Christmas trees, new and experienced growers, suppliers, and anyone interested in the industry to join the SCTA to learn from each other and facilitate growth of Christmas tree farming. SCTA gladly welcomes growers and non-growers from outside our Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi region.
The Southern Christmas Tree Association
Member Services
Our Partners:
Your participation and involvement with the Southern Christmas Tree Association enables a viable, more effective organization that serves your best interests. We may be a small organization but we are one that believes in delivering unique experiences for customers while creating memories and traditions lasting a lifetime. 
More reasons to join are to:

  • Learn from experienced growers and those new to the industry;
  • Have your farm listed on the association website as a dedicated sub-page or linked to your own;
  • Receive quarterly newsletters highlighting meeting activities, growers, tips, marketing, business management and more;
  • Receive important e-mail notifications of immediate interest; and
  • Participate in the annual, fall meeting covering a broad range of subjects.
Reasons to join:
  • Meet and interact with government, business and industry leaders;
  • Have a direct connection with NCTA through SCTA's National Director;
  • Benefit from a national locator service hosted on NCTA's website; 
  • Interact with industry suppliers for the latest and most effective products; and
  • Stay tuned with technical developments in all aspects of our industry.

SCTA is a partner with the National Christmas Tree Association promoting REAL Christmas trees grown on farms in the U.S. Both organizations are involved with local, regional and national issues that affect growers directly. We work hand-in-hand for you.